Air Conditioning And Heating

A/C & Heater System

There’s nothing more annoying than having your car’s air conditioning go out on a hot day. Pinkys is ready to inspect your A/C system before the weather turns hot, so you and your passengers can keep your cool while on the road.


  1. Check high and low side pressures
  2. Check for visible refrigerant leaks
  3. Check for leaks at schrader valves
  4. Gauge interior vent temperatures
  5. Inspect A/C hoses, belts and compressor.
  6. Check Heater hoses
  7. Check blower motor operation
  8. Check blend air door operation

Your air conditioning and heating systems have more parts then most people realize. There are several parts that make the air conditioning and heater work properly. It is important to have the complete system inspected properly to make sure it is working at its full potential.

Cooling system. Your radiator is the main component of your cooling system. If the radiator has any restrictions such as water flow or air flow, your vehicle is sure to overheat. It is important to have the cooking system flushed by the manufacture or by a qualified technician.