About Us

Dave Parker, Owner

Dave grew up working on cars, so it was no surprise to anyone when that became his career. After high school, he went on to work at a Chrysler dealership as a technician. There, he became a specialist in almost every model of Chrysler product vehicles. After years of working at a dealership, Dave decided to go about it alone. In 2009 he opened CAMS Automotive and Performance. He built that shop from the ground up and obtained and maintained an incredibly good reputation. In February of 2016 he teamed up with Lenny Aparicio and purchased Pinky Tow, a local tow truck company. For the next 3 years Dave worked to balance running CAMS Auto and Pinky Tow at the same time. With Pinky Tow being located in a separate location than the repair shop, this became a challenge to effectively maintain both. In November of 2019 Dave decided to close CAMS Auto and start the process of combining both companies into one all inclusive repair shop, towing company and impound lot. Pinkys Auto and Performance was opened in January of 2020.

Dave brings experience as a technician to the team. He leads a great team of technicians to whom he trains to uphold his quality standards. His demand is “If 50 pieces are taken off the vehicle, 50 pieces better be put back on, not 49, 50. Every car, every time”. That attention to detail and his ability to diagnose things that other shops are not able to, is part of what gave him the reputation that he has in the auto repair industry. It is not uncommon for other shops to send him vehicles that they have trouble repairing, because they know that Dave is the guy to figure it out.

When Dave is not at Pinkys, he spends time with his family, volunteers at his church, and enjoys traveling and just taking his family and “getting away from all”, even for a day.

Lenny Aparicio, Owner

Lenny brings his own automotive knowledge to the company, as a former technician and a service advisor at a local Cadillac dealership. He is not “a car guy” he is “the car guy”. Whether it’s a classic car, a “fixer upper”, or a brand new sports car off the lot, it will catch Lenny’s attention. He sees the potential in every vehicle and wants to make them go faster. As a former business owner, Lenny has a solid understanding of what it takes to make a business successful. He gears the shop philosophy to making sure the customer has the most comfortable and best overall experience from the time they bring their car in, to the time they drive it away.

Joining forces with Dave in 2016 to purchase Pinky Tow opened a major opportunity for Lenny to take an existing brand with an impeccable reputation and grow it even more. Along with the help and support of Dave, he hit the ground running. Pinky Tow was profitable in their first full year in business. By the middle of year 2 they needed to purchase a 2nd tow truck to keep up with the demand. He implemented a digital dispatch system which allows him to assign a tow to each driver, monitor the location of each driver, track each job from dispatch to destination, and receive jobs from insurance companies, all in real time.

Combining the tow truck company, repair shop and impound lot was key for Lenny. He really wanted to be able to have both teams working as 1, out of 1 location, and be able to set that location up for the best customer experience and a safe, comfortable place for the employees to work.

When Lenny is not at Pinkys or out in one of the tow trucks, he spends important and quality time with his family or making one of his project cars go faster.

Dave Parker Shop Owner

Lenny The Big Boss Shop Owner

David Daniels Service Technician